Optimise Your Dynamics 365 Utilisation with Expert Assessment

Discover how to fully leverage your Dynamics 365 investment with Sabet Consulting's Utilisation Assessment Service. Learn to identify underused functionalities, enhance tool usage, and boost user adoption with our strategic insights and tailored implementation roadmap.


Max Sabet

5/12/20242 min read

Microsoft dynamics 365 apps
Microsoft dynamics 365 apps

Harness the Full Potential of Your Dynamics 365 Investment

Unlock the full potential of your Dynamics 365 suite with Sabet Consulting’s specialized Utilization Assessment Service. Many organizations invest in Dynamics 365 but fail to harness its full capabilities, especially in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules. Our tailored approach helps pinpoint underutilized functionalities, offering strategic improvements to boost your business performance and enhance user adoption.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Utilization Assessment?

Maximize Software Investment: Identify gaps and areas of underutilization within your Dynamics 365 setup to ensure you're getting maximum value from your investment.

Strategic Enhancements: Our detailed assessments focus on high-impact areas to enhance tool usage, driving both business performance and customer satisfaction.

Boost User Adoption: Detailed insights and actionable recommendations from our assessments encourage higher user engagement and productivity.

What Does Our Dynamics 365 Utilization Assessment Include?

Comprehensive Functional Review: From initial data collection to in-depth interviews with department heads, we gauge usage across all Dynamics 365 applications.

Utilization Heatmaps and Priority Matrices: Visualize usage efficiency and prioritize improvements based on customer value and business impact.

Customized Implementation Roadmap: Receive a step-by-step guide tailored to specific business functions, designed to optimize your Dynamics 365 environment.

Ongoing Support and Improvement: We provide continuous support to ensure improvements are sustainable and evolve with your business needs.

Benefits of Our Assessment Service

Targeted Insights: Our service provides a segmented report by functional area, highlighting underutilized features and opportunities for better integration or automation.

Actionable Strategy: We not only identify inefficiencies but also offer a detailed plan to rectify them, ensuring that every step adds value to your business.

Enhanced Business Results: By optimizing your Dynamics 365 tools, we help elevate your business processes, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and greater ROI.

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